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Regular classes

Work on your own ceramic projects at your own leisure!

  • Come along to our regular classes! Bring your ideas and we will support you to create them. ​There will be books and magazines available to inspire your creative projects. 

  • Each person works on their clay projects at their own speed. You will be learning as you go and will soon be able to make all sorts of creations in clay on your own! 


  • Included in these workshops is the use of our tools, stamps, molds, clay, a range of simple underglaze colours and glazes. If you are making very large items or bringing in extra work to be fired there will be a separate fee. 

  • Class sessions will be 2h 30mins once a week.


25€ per session - 4 week minimum commitment


Barrovento São Bras de Alportel 

Fábrica dos Barrabés ( quinta da madeira )
8150-016 São Brás de Alportel

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